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Twas the Night Before a New Year

2009 December 31

Twas the night before a New Year, and all through the house
There were still signs of Christmas shared by my daughter, me and my spouse
The garland still hung on the banister with care
With hopes that friend’s laughter would soon fill the air

Our teen was still nestled all snug in her bed
With invitations for photo shoots dancing in her head
I’m mama but no kerchief and my hubby wears no cap
And there rarely is time for any kind of nap

In 2009 I created a clatter
Trying to fix several things I thought were the matter
No food for the weary if they needed gluten free
I wish someone else had done something, but it seems up to me

The launch of the food bank was postponed by the snow
But a week later friend and the media in numbers did show
Boxes and bags of gluten free food did appear
With food companies sending cases, my eyes filled with tears

GF Food Bank Shelves Overflowing After 3 Days of Donations

Hungry gluten free families did show, so lively and quick
With you, my dear friends, and your hearts like St. Nick
More rapid than eagles other requests they came
To build gluten free food banks around the country the same

In New York City! And San Diego! And Atlanta Georgia, too!
And Connecticut! And Columbus Ohio, it’s true!
Take the best of ourselves, and build a team off the wall!
And make a difference in the lives of the best, the least, of all!

And for 10 months this year, with no wild hurricanes in the sky
My creative hubby, Harrison, shared his talents, he’s quite a guy
With a monthly mystery called Centerra Search, the time each month flew
The game was good for local business, good for me and good for you

Each month eyes would twinkle, and we’d hear laughter near the roof
And see adults play like children, solving Harrison’s tricky spoof
As I’d be tallying up the teams, and be turning around
In would come the first team, sliding to the table with a bound

All year our daughter dressed in costume, from her head to her foot
Different looks for each event, and she got back to reading books
She cared for my mom in Denver, a tough job to do
Possible only because Kaitlyn graduated a year early from school


Kaitlyn’s eyes how they twinkle! And her dimples how merry!
When she finds young people to hang with who don’t drink and get scary
She’s wise beyond her years, has a kitty named Beau
And is driving like a pro even in Colorado’s ice and snow

She models in Charity Fashion Shows and struts the catwalk like a pro
I often wonder if someday, her name, everyone will know
She keeps her clothes on, and her body she will never starve
But her authentic self is retained, even if finding paid jobs is a bit hard

My son Tyson James is in China to teach
And learn about things quickly coming within his reach
He’s been invited to places that few ever go
And they see him spiritually, in ways we may never know

His kids are much younger than he would have thought
Ages 10 to 14 is what he planned for, 3 to 5 is what he got
He’s never liked little one’s with “their germs and runny noses”
But his affection’s grown, especially for a 5 year old with a mind like Ty’s, that never closes

My daughter, Jessica, still works in Cherry Creek at Cucina Calor
As server, hostess and bartender and has regulars galore
Her boyfriend, Pete, is out of school working at a big accounting firm
That was purchased by a bigger fish, the negative changes make his stomach churn

Jess went back to school this year, after two years at DU
She’s be an elementary school teacher, for the brightest kids, like her, when she was in school
Her inspiration was Shadi Letson, a genius I credit with Jessy success
She inspired generations of girls to stay smart and always be their best

Harrison’s son David, lives in California, for several years
Works full time and school part time, with shoulder surgery bringing a few tears
Not much time to play music, an unfortunate truth
But growing into an adult while shedding his carefree youth

Big plans for 2010, a year filled with movement
A continuation of a year with focus on self-improvement
Tackling big things like paperwork and organization
And building routines that support my growth and will produce elation

I’m most thankful this year for the friends I’ve made
On Twitter and thru blogs and from the companies from which I’m paid
It moves me to tears, how blessed I can be
By being my jumbly ADHD self and making a difference others can feel and see

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