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Be a Star on TV with Gluten Free Dee! Take 2 (clapper board)

2011 June 21

Be a Star on TV with Gluten Free Dee! Take 2 (clapper board)


The rain may have postponed things but the show must go on! So, we have selected a new date to celebrate all the great gluten and allerge free restaurant options we have – NEXT WEDNESDAY, JUNE 29TH!

We’re still looking for a handful of people (kids are people too!) to be in opening and interior shots. We are also looking for diners who want to join us at a couple of great restaurants, Abrusci’s Italian Eatery in Wheatridge and Lala’s Wine Bar & Pizzaria on Capital Hill.

We’ll have you piling out of the classic car for the opening scene at each restaurant (which sometimes will be taped after we eat).  The idea is to have more people than could humanly fit in the car, pouring out, balloons escaping, laughing, talking and taking the party into the restaurant. We will be fun, energetic and full of laughter and silliness!

Inside the restaurant, you buy your own meal and we may interview some of you too.  If you have eaten at either of these restaurants before, please let Shirley know (her email is above). We’ll end with all of us wearing little kids Star shaped sun glasses and saying something clever. Balloons and my star sunglasses are two of my signature party items so we will incorporate both!

Being gluten free or having food allergies used to mean we couldn’t eat out “like everyone else.” more and more of the owners, chefs or their friends have Celiac Disease, gluten intolerance or food allergies so they are changing their menus. Wednesday, we’re CELEBRATING the fact that there are lots of restaurants who “get it,” deserve our business and would love to have us dine with them. Personally, I think that’s something to celebrate!

If you can carve out the time to be part of this exciting day send Shirley an email, text or call her at 303-886-7482 with:

  1. All of your contact info, including your cell phone number
  2. Number of people participating (the more the merrier!)
  3. Which restaurant(s)
  4. If you’ll be eating (come even if you can’t stay to eat)
  5. Be prepared to wear a different outfit for each restaurant (no tight patters, bright red or white)
  6. Check out the menu before arriving (click link on the restaurant name)
  7. Call the restaurant and ask questions before you get there, if possible (best between 9-11 and 2-4)

Here’s the scoop on this fun day:


Abrusci’s Italian Eatery

3244 Youngfield St # G, Wheat Ridge, CO

(303) 232-2424

12:00 Lunch Interior Shots

2:00ish Exterior Crowd Shots for Intro



Lala’s Wine Bar & Pizzeria

410 East 7th Avenue – Denver, CO 80203 – Capital Hill


5:30 Exterior Crowd Shots for Intro

6:00 Interior Dinner Shots


We’re so excited to share this opportunity with you!  Our non-gluten free friends are very welcome to join us as they are always wondering where they can take you to eat out safely!  Well, here are 2 new places!

Let Shirley know if you can come (me too but she will keep track of it).  Keep us in your thoughts and prayers. We want great weather! We’ll shoot even if it’s raining.  See you soon on Gluten Free Dee TV!

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