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Gluten Free Consultant Seeks True Love (and finds it!)

2010 December 3
by admin

When I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 1992 there was no way I could imagine writing a blog that included the words love and gluten free in the same sentence.  Store bought bread was terrible. Pasta disintegrated when cooked 1 minute too long.  A plain chicken breast was my option when dining out.

I survived because Pamela’s made some great cookies and a baking mix I used for almost everything! I ate San J crackers whenever I could afford $5 for 12 amazing crackers. Amy’s made some delicious, but very expensive frozen entrees.

Gluten Free Consultant recommended foods

Mostly though, I wasted thousands of dollars on products that were not even fit to be given away. It boggled my mind why stores wasted shelf space on products made to look like cookies, crackers and bread when they could have more easily stocked the corrugated cardboard in which the products were shipped.  Honestly, there was little difference in the taste and texture of gluten free options 18 years ago.

Today, I watch to be sure I’m not eating too much soft, squishy bread or freshly baked treats from area bakeries.  I use gluten free wraps to encase my sandwich or make enchiladas.  I use restraint when in the cookie section of grocery stores in Colorado so I don’t eat cookies every day for every meal (I could you know!). Most importantly, as a Gluten Free Consultant I help manufacturers find their way into the marketplace, weave their stories into your hearts and bring smiles to your face when you serve your friends and no one knows it’s gluten free! True love!

Gluten Free Consultant recommended foods

In Colorado, eating out gluten free is a sensation with restaurants competing for our dollars and affection.  I “taste test” products for the benefit of my readers and find places for my clients to share their gluten free goods. Ah, the sacrifices I’ll make as a Gluten Free Consultant! Sacrificial love!

I share only GREAT products with gluten free community leaders across the nation who write reviews and create a buzz for the best of the best.  I orchestrate contests filled with heart, enthusiasm and connectedness.  I build community thru events celebrating our wonderful gluten free lives and give away gift bags filled with gluten free goodness! How fun is that! I also steer manufacturers to local, regional and nation gluten free vendor fairs and conferences and represent them at their booth.  Oh, what a lovely life!

Who would have thought there would ever be enough GREAT gluten free products in the marketplace that there would be a need for a gluten free marketing expert.  I sure didn’t!  I think you can see why I love my new gluten free family and my life as a Gluten Free Consultant!  I’ve found my true love!

Gluten Free Consultant helps out a local food bank

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